Social Bookmarking is a good way to get safe and trustworthy backlink. There are many social networks out there that can be used for that purpose. But, doing social bookmarking manually will only be a pain for you. Imagine if you want to do social bookmarking on 50 social networks, then you need to indivually sign up, and then fill in the profile detail, creating e-mail account, and then posting manually to each social account. Really time and effort consuming!

But here, we have fully automated system to help you save your precious time. With our unique methods, we will send your site/link to hundreds of social networks. Giving Google a “social signal” that your site is worth to count for. But, there is more in social bookmarking. You can also enjoy direct traffic bonus from the links you place on the social networks.

Social bookmarking, in short, is a sure way and safe way to rank up your site. Even after Panda and Penguin, social bookmarking is still considered as the safest backlinking method. We also understand that you can’t afford that much for a quality social bookmarking. So, we will give you the cheapest social bookmarking service on the net.

* Do-Follow and No-Follow mix. This is the safest configuration for Google Panda & Penguin. Google also count for no-follow links.
* All backlinks will be submitted to LINDEXED. It will crawl the backlinks and make them indexed in search engine. After all, true backlinks are the indexed backlinks.
* Because of Google Penguin update, it will be safer if you provide more than one keywords. We accept up to 10 keywords per URL. It will be better if you have diversified anchor.
* You should supply us the description of your site. It’s 30 words minimal. You can send it in spintax format like {USE|SPINTAX|VERSION}.
* Several things you should prepare before ordering : URL (1 URL/package), Keyword (up to 10 keywords per URL), Description (30 words minimal), Tags (website category, such as: Health, Sport, Marketing)
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