Convert Your Website Into Android App


Convert Your Website Into Android App
Nowadays who don't have an android smartphone ! 90% of the android phone users like to browse any website in application not in browser !

So do you also want a professional android app for your website ? If yes then you are in the right place. I will convert your RESPONSIVE website into a professional android app. If you want to convert some webpages into app then I can also do that for you.

You will just need to give me...
  • Website URL
  • App name
  • App logo (512x512)
App Features..
  • App will have your icon (which you will send me)
  • App will load your website
  • When user will press back button app will take them to previous page (if they will have any, otherwise it will exit).
Want more features ? Please check out extras.....

Available Extras/Features
  • Spalash Screen ($4.00) : When user will open the app they will get a screen before loading your website. You can put anything in this screen like logo, texts, slogan etc.
  • 3 Dot Menu ($4.00) : 3 Dot Menu will be placed at the top of app action bar with share and refresh option.
  • Back, Home, Forward Button ($4.00) : 3 Icon/Image button will be added at the top action bar. User can go back/forward or can go to home page by using these buttons.
  • Progress Bar ($4.00) : Sometime your website may take some time to load and for showing the loading progress in top. I will add a progress bar which will show loading progress.

Note : I will convert your website into android app with webview and I will not give you source code. I will give you only .apk file
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