My Dear music lover client
100.000 music plays spoti for 125$
100k 100.000 Plays! BEST & Cheapest service here! HQ Plays
This is the best PLAY service on seoclerk. Check my orders in progress & my feedback. None of my competitors
are doing so many orders and have such great feedback from happy
Check my feedback. A lot of returning customers ( great service).

  • >> 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • >> Over Delivery on all my orders! Free bonus plays. Even bigger bonuses for loyal customers
  • >> No Drop on Followers (Stay permanent)
  • >> High Quality Plays.
  • >> Fast Start
  • >> HQ USA Plays ( All USA plays )
  • >> No password Required ( just your track's link (URL))
  • >> Slow , Safe & Drip Feed Reliable Delivery ( we can setup custom delivery on big orders)
  • >> Rank higher and make your tracks known!
  • >> 90 seconds play minimum ( up to 150). ( my competitors are doing 40-60 seconds plays. POINT)
  • >> Direct supplier of Music Services , so you'll get top notch services
    & customer support! Super fast support if needed as we're handling
    the deliveries ourself, not outsourcing them.
  • >> You can split a big order among multiple songs ! ( Recommended)
  • >> Minimum per order is 5k plays ( 1 link only. It can be for song ,
    artist or album). If you want to add multiple links you'll have to buy
    extras below!
  • The average delivery time is ~ 10 - 14 days for a 5000 order. On bigger orders we can increase the speed on request!

You Can add Artist Link or Album link and spread the plays across all tracks present there! This means you could split a regular order of 5k on multiple songs.
You can request Max PLAYS per day ( in case you want slower plays than usual).

The plays will be delivered slow ~ 500 plays per day (depending on the
site of the order )so they will be safe and good ( it will take a few
days to update on their tracking system). The order will be completed
once the plays will show in your App. On bigger orders (50k+) the speed
can be increased on demand! Don't ask for faster speed on a small 5k-10k
order. I won't speed it up!
We are always over delivering! If you're happy, we're happy!

If you want plays delivered on your custom playlist check our other service just for Playlist Plays.
CHECK EXTRAS BELOW FOR DISCOUNTS. The bigger the order, the bigger the
discount ;). You can get 1 mil as low as 1.25$ per k ( that's a big %
off the regular price. Perfect for Studios & Resellers).

You can add multiple links in bigger orders.

** About the plays:
* Tracks must be at least 1 minute long. Plays will start reflecting on
within 24-48 of you getting the message regarding your order being

* Please note that these plays DO NOT COME FROM REAL PEOPLE. This
service is only meant to boost a number of plays on your track
artificially to help it rank better.
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