Craigslist Posting Service


Craigslist Posting Service
We have good experience in Craigslist during 10 years since 2008. May you can place an order the project and sent payment after finished the jobs.

We will use to own PVA's, IPs.I have the team ready to go test free ad if you want may you can be sent to ad details!

And 100% dedicated to the satisfaction of our client’s as we always try to focus our customer needs rather than ours.

Have own PVAs with Verizon Numbers Portal / No Debit cards, If you can able to provide card information for PAID POST Well trusted company doing a job!

For sale owner :
Per live ad 0.40 cents

Housing section :
Per live ad 0.80 cents

Community Section :
Per live ad 0.90 cents
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