Install free SSL certificate on your website


Install free SSL certificate on your website
Receiving and Installing an SSL certificate (which provides https:// URL with a Green padlock in the browser) for techies, it's a domain level encryption
SSL. Normally SSL certificates are expensive but a really big Organisation EFF is providing FREE SSL certificates for a Secure internet which will use and Mount your domain/website.

Issuing the SSL certificate and Assembly with https and oriental padlock is covered under this service only for 10$ for 1 12 months.

Benefits of SSL:

one particular. https url with Putting surface PadLOCK in the web browser address bar (For better trust and brand power)
2. Encrypts Information (Data to and from your website travels in a secure encrypted form)
3. Provides Authentication (Separates you from the masses and helps protect phishing, fakes)
4. Necessary for Taking on Payments (if you have a shop or sell any services etc)
5. Helps with SEO (Better SEO = Better Search positions = More visitors/customers) and helps buyers trust on your website!
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