Data Entry Specialist


Data Entry Specialist
Transcribing from one form to another is my Specialty as I can expertly handle both dictation and written documents in terms of converting them into database data. I can type 50WPM and can work with most data entry services with precision and accuracy.

Specifically, I am skilled in:

✓ Writing, typing, and entering information into the computer

✓ Copying information from one record to another

✓ Modifying, updating, and correcting data in Microsoft Suite

✓ Performing data inquiries and searches on automated systems

Understanding the fact that confidentiality is the key to success in this arena, I possess a personal integrity that assists me in managing data in a top secret manner. Accuracy is my biggest virtue as I have been commended for the quality of my work at school. I always cross-reference everything without thinking about putting in extra time.
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