record a professional voicemale gating in 5 day


record a professional voicemale gating in 5 day
very one....i am hassa....I will record a dry voiceover for you, up to 100 words, for $13.... Using my professional broadcast quality studio...//...I have supplied station imaging for American and English radio stations as well as adverts, continuity work and audio books..//....If your need pretty much any kind of voiceover, I can handle it..//..100 words = 1 Gig, 101 - 200 words = 2 services and so on..//..The turnaround time listed is 1 day../...
Please make sure your scripts are correct before sending them to me, as if they are wrong I will charge to do them again..//..i will deliver your order in 24 hours...order now....thank you very much..!!!!!!!!!!!!!&&&..
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