NB :

1. We will store files in Gdrive Server
2. Size : Around 16 GB (After Compressed with Winrar). So please make sure you have access to download that much size.

It's Time for Your Own Sound Bank. Over 4000 or 4K Royalty Audio Track Qualified, Complete, and Ready to Use !

"Avoid the problem of using Audio haphazardly on the Internet!" For you Youtuber, Indie Filmmaker, Video Marketer, Product Creator, and anyone who uses music in his project.
Have you experienced this when uploading your video works on youtube, fb, or on any internet media :
  • Your Videos been muted,
  • Your Earning From Adsense Youtube must be share with other parties or can not be monetized because of the use of Audio,
  • Your video was REMOVED FROM YOUTUBE due to Music Copyright violation

But, Audio File is Expensive. Please Pay Attention to Screenshoot I Take From Other Sources Below :

Sound Pack prices are usually one track consists of 3 samplers whose track length is less than 1 minute each sampler sold for $ 46, there is even a $ 1 per second audio sampler.

But, Now There Is Solution For those of you who want to have their own audio backsound bank without spending much money to buy many backsound at once

Free to use for any purpose!

  • Use as material backsound Ad Videos, Movies, Tutorials, Your Product Reviews.
  • Use for your Project clients.
  • Use it for your presentation material.
  • Use as backsound Youtube video for various purposes.
  • Use it for your website.
  • Use it for your BackSound Seminar.
  • Use it on the Android or iOS app you create.
  • Etc...

Get it Now Before price goes Up !!!
Buy this service in two easy steps Order Now $

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