install powermta and interspire email marketer on your vps


install powermta and interspire email marketer on your vps
If you are looking for a email server or SMTP server and want to have a email account using it like a google apps account or need a professional email server that can send millions of emails then I can help you with this.

The service I'm offering
  • Install Interspire Email Marketer on your VPS/Dedicated server or shared Hosting.
  • Setup Cron Jobs
  • Install and Configure PowerMTA on your Server
  • Configure SPF, DKIM, rDNS, DMARC
  • Configure IP Rotation
  • Install Maborak Add-Ons
What Need to have
  • VPS or Dedicated Server
  • Operating System - CentOS 6.7 64 bit
  • A domain
  • IPs Depend on the amount of email you want to send out
Check service Extra and message me for custom order
  • SPF, DKIM, rDNS, DMARC Configuration
  • Fix email sending issue
  • Interspire Installation with cron jobs
  • Maborak add-ons Installation
  • Full Package at once (IEM, Add-Ons, SPF-DKIM-rDNS-DMARC, IP Rotation, PowerMTA)
What you get?
  • Installation Power MTA v4.5 and License Activation.
  • Creation and Configuration of the Virtual MTA in PowerMTA configuration file
  • Setting up PowerMTA Monitor
  • I will Configure up to /24 IPs
  • Interspire Email Marketer with Plugins
  • 1 million spamtraps
  • MySQL + phpMyAdmin
  • Webmail
  • Install Fast Importer ( Import 100,000 Contacts in 20 Seconds )
  • Define Bounce back emails
  • Define FeedBack Loops and complaints handling
  • IP rotation
  • Generating DKIM key and Configure it
  • Update your SPF with required IP.
  • Updating of the DNS ( A , MX, TXT record)
  • Create Cron Jobs
  • MX/ElHO Implementation
  • ADSP Set up
  • Loading IP Pool
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