Social Media Marketing / Paid Ad for Seven Days


Social Media Marketing / Paid Ad for Seven Days
Seven (07) Days Long Digital Marketing / Social Media Marketing / Paid Ad Campaign for Any Service / Products except Detrimental Service/Product.

1. Seven (07) Days Long continuous Ad Campaign
2. Complete Research for setting Ad for maximum Ad Performance based on your service/product and location.
3. Two (02) Largest Ad platforms (Price is for a single platform/Social Media). For both platforms, you need to add service extra).
4. Ad creation/Design included with the service. Or you can deliver your ad design as per instructions of the platforms.
5. You can request for Maximum Two (02) Countries for Ad display. You need to add service extra for more countries / Worldwide.
6. Niche/Category/Keywords based ad for one keyword (single keyword, Medium Tail Keyword or Long Tail Keyword) is accepted.
7. Pixel setup required for Social Media Ad by you. Or ask for an added service, charges extra.
8. Interest, Location, Age and Sex based Ad.
8. Campaign End Report Delivery.

Prior Discussion required for placing an order!!
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