Instant Dedicated Servers


Instant Dedicated Servers
GTHost - Instant Dedicated Servers in Chicago (US), Toronto (CA), Frankfurt (DE) started from $49/month, no setup fees.
Ready in 5 minutes w/o OS and 10-15 minutes with Linux OS after payment.
Supermicro Blade Servers, More than 100 Instant Servers available, Clear Specs - know what you are getting
Premium Low Latency 10GE Network Infrastructure, Looking Glass, Speed Test, Live network graphs
1-10 days trial, Rent a Server from $5/day
24/7 Technical Support, 100% Uptime SLA

Most popular configurations:
E3-1265Lv3, 16GB, 1GB HDD or 120GGB HDD, IPMI, 200M Unmetered - $49/mo.
E3-1265Lv3, 132GB, 1GB HDD or 120GGB HDD, IPMI, 200M Unmetered - $59/mo.
E3-1240v6, 16GB, 2GB HDD, IPMI, 200M Unmetered - $69/mo.
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Instant Dedicated Servers

Instant Dedicated Servers for $49

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