Any Kind Of Trifold, Brochure, Banners,ad,covers


Any Kind Of Trifold, Brochure, Banners,ad,covers
Really creative and ORIGINAL catchy posters.

I’m a professional visual designer with 5+ years of experience who loves the challenge, the posters and the two of those combined. You can view the examples of my work below. I’m quick and sufficient with the task, and if you don’t have a clear concept of what you want, let me help you to polish your idea and implement it. I've worked for a few local venues, providing them with event posters, and it remained a personal passion of mine. After I'm given the text and whatever else you wish to have included and we agreed on the concept, I'll produce a JPG preview image (of maximum height of 800 px).

I'm open to working on multiply concepts and multiply sizes, as well.

I'm working 24/7.
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