This is a proven ranking strategy. This service is going to provide you some rank pushing niche relevant contextual backlinks for your website.

If you are targeting low competition keywords, your ranking will improve drastically in the first month. I have done it many times and my website ranking always goes up substantially just in a short time.

See the proof below:

How it works:

First of all, we are going to write 5 articles that will be around 500 words in length. All articles will be handwritten and 100% unique. We will also include images and a video where possible. We don't use spun articles at all on tier 1 because we want to maximize the power of this ranking strategy.

Then we will create 5 brand new web2.0 blogs. Each web2.0 blog will use your main keyword as the subdomain name. In the report at the end, you'll get the login details of these blogs. So if there's anything not right, you can always log in to make changes.

After the web2.0 sites are set up, we are going to publish the articles to them. Each post will be SEO optimized includes inserting the main keyword in the title, URL, subheading and mentioned several times within the content. We'll also link out to other authority websites so Google values your web2.0 blogs better.

Then we'll link the web2.0 sites up into a link wheel as shown in the image below:

All 5 web2.0 sites will link to your money site. Before linking, we'll send 1500 social signals to your money site. It looks totally natural for a site to get backlinks after an influx of social shares, so this is what you need to do before you start the flow of backlinks.

Right now your tier 1 is done. Now comes to tier 2 and this is why this ranking strategy is super effective. We are going to get powerful niche relevant backlinks to your tier 1. We use two types of backlinks, they are the best when comes to ranking.

First of all, we'll get 50 backlinks from 50 different expired Tumblr blogs which have an average of PA30+. These are very powerful backlinks to fuel up your tier 1. On each Tumblr post, we'll use partial match keyword to link back to your link wheel.

The second type of tier 2 backlinks we are going to use is PBN links. The PBN links we use are not the average joe. Our PBNs are DA PA 25+ guaranteed and the OBL limited to 20 only. They are set up with 100 % unique IPs and 100% done manually. These high authority PBN domains are aged and who-is enabled.

You can message me to ask for samples to see how powerful these Tumblr and PBN links are. All these powerful link juice will flow to the tier 1 and pass to your money site and boost your rank very fast. Normally I see a boost in ranking within 2-3 weeks.

Each of your tier 1 will get 10 backlinks from high PA expired Tumbler blogs and 10 backlinks from high PA DA PBNs. You don't have to index your tier 1, these backlinks are indexed and surely will get your tier 1 be found by the Google bot.

Otherwise, you can ask us to submit one of the web2.0 sites to Google Console for you. Once the web2.0 gets indexed, the rest of the web2.0 in the link wheel will follow to be indexed.

This is cool because you don't index them yourself so you don't leave any footprints.

I use this proven ranking strategy over and over again. If you choose your keyword wisely, you most definitely will rank higher in Google and even rank number one position.

What will you get:

  • 1500 social signals[/*]
  • 5 new web 2.0 with login details[/*]
  • 5 handwritten articles posted[/*]
  • 50 tier 2 PA30+ expired Tumblr backlinks[/*]
  • 50 tier 2 PA DA 25+ guaranteed PBN backlinks[/*]

Full reports with all informationDelivery turnaround time: 9-12 days

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