Offering to make 100 efficient cold calls and get sales


Offering to make 100 efficient cold calls and get sales
A professional telesales executive working in this industry for more than three straight years.Pretty comfortable at building a business relationship and also convincing clients.Worked as a virtual assistant and sales executive for a number of companies based in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, As a result passing gatekeepers and reaching the business decision maker is a piece of cake for me. lately focusing on freelancing. Introducing intelligence as well as creativity to sell your products and services.Make an educated choice which you won't regret.These services which are given below I am specialized in, But looking forward to taking any sort of assignments excluding those too.

Real Estate
Auto Insurance
Health Insurance
Solar Appointment SettingB2B calling
Energy USA
Confirming & setting appointments
Quality Warm Lead Generation
Research & Surveys
Follow up on previous calls
Taking Orders
Customer Service Calls

Thrilled to work with you.
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