English/Arabic 1,000 words translation (Less than 12 hours)


English/Arabic 1,000 words translation (Less than 12 hours)

This service is for translating 1,000 words English to Arabic or vice versa in less than 12 hours.

My name is Reem, I am a translator and proofreader. I translate from English to Arabic or vice versa within a short time and with high accuracy. I work in all translation fields and I have much experience in this field as I've practiced it for 12 years.

I am an Arabic native speaker with strong command and fluency in both; English and Arabic. I work as a professional interpreter and translator with multiple language services around the world and in London precisely.

I have over 12 years of experience in the translation field, thus I mastered profession and perfection. I've translated loads of projects in almost all different fields, thus I'll be able to translate any type of project. I've got high scores in Upwork's translation and writing tests and I've got high reviews for all my previous projects on Upwork and outside it.

I'm skilled in almost all the programs and writing platform, such as Microsoft Word, Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Sheets, Wix, Wordpress, and many more, so I'll translate on what you prefer.

The rate is 0.02$ per source word in case you need translation for larger texts.
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