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  • Each Tumblr Account will have 3 articles posted. Niche Related-750+ Words.[/*]
  • Rate has been reduced from 100$ to 50$ for first 10 Subscribers!

Yes! Web 2.0s is Game Changer for SEO!

If you think the following –

1. Web2.0s are not worth the time and efforts.

2. Web2.0s are spam and crap and complete BS.

3. Web2.0s, what the hell are these?

4. Web2.0s, is that an “O” or a “Zero”?

You have come to the right place!

Web 2.0s gives a pretty good signal to Google that your site is worth it. With the DA (95+) and PA (27+ with this service), it adds more oil
into the fire which leads to boom and grabs Google’s attention.

How Web2.0s helps in Ranking Low/ Medium Competition Keywords?

As these are Low/ medium competition keywords, chances are your competitors don’t know anything about Web 2.0s and hence, are not focusing
on it.

1. Links from Web 2.0s acts as an upper hand against your competitors, or everyone
ranking for those keywords.

2. Google loves High DA and most importantly, High PA backlinks from Web 2.0s.

3. But then, what makes Google horny? Web 2.0s with Maximum Spam score of 1 with 1-5
External Links.

4. Here’show I ranked two “Specific-Category Product Links” using only Web 2.0s.


How Web 2.0s helps in Ranking Highly competitive keywords?

Well, you cannot rank on Google for High competition keywords using only Web 2.0s. Sorry, but Web 2.0s still acts as an upper hand. Competitors
may also have links from web 2.0s, but only you will have links from HIGH PA
web 2.0s. It’s better to have Web 2.0s Links than to not have any when trying
to rank for highly competitive keywords.

Now, I also want Web 2.0s Links, how will you help?

So, now that you know that Web 2.0s boosts Ranks, here are all the things that are included in the package.

50 Tumblr Accounts with your links posted every week. Thatis, 200 unique accounts every month.

Tumblrs will have DA-98 and PA-27+.

Tumblrs will be also Niche Based. We will register expired domains related to your industry.

Reports and Account info will be updated in Google Sheets.You can log in to accounts and create additional posts if you wish to.

All accounts will be yours and we won’t use them again in future. No links of other people will ever be posted on those accounts. You
will be provided also be provided Primary Email access.


Manual Indexing will be done for all 200 tier 1 Links (Tumblrs).

Tier 1: 7500 Social Signals for your Primary Link.

Tier 1: 3000 Contextual backlinks from wiki Web sites.

Tier 2: 70,000 Backlinks spread over 200 Tumblr links.

How will the links look on Tumblr?

The content will have the following:

Unique theme for each Tumblr

Custom title based on your Industry

1 x Non-Redirect URL.

Up to 5 Post URLs.

Example :


Ok, I am Sold! What will you need?

1. Industry/Niche.

2. 1 x PrimaryURL with Anchor Keyword ( for Non-Redirect Tumblr Backlink)

3. Up to 5Links from the same website.

4. Your ID to share Google Sheets access.

So, Order now, Subscribe and Sit back and focus on other aspects of your business!
Let us handle the tedious, but 100% beneficial web 2.0s Link building tasks.
Buy this service in two easy steps Order Now $

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