Verify and clean email list


Verify and clean email list
An effective email marketing campaign depends on email lists deliverability.Cleaning out inactive emails from your contact list helps to boost up your marketing campaign with 94% delivery, high responses, and subscriptions.

I will verify and clean your list from spamtraps, disposables , complaints and check the validity for each email address
and provide you a detailed report.

For every email address I will check :

  1. Valid host name on the address
  2. Necessary requirements of an email address such as; @
  3. Verifiable DNS and valid email server
  4. There are less than 254 characters
  5. Validity of the local port
  6. History of interaction with other emails
  7. Bouncing history
  8. Reachable mailbox
  9. Type of server
  10. Opting out history

For more information,please contact us.
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Verify and clean email list

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