Are you striving to beat the competition and rank on the first places on Google? Absolutely yes; appearing on Google’s search pages is possible by having a quality and healthy Blog backlinking. And we provide that kind of backlinks that are known to possess high DA, PA and TF.

PBNs metrics are follows:

Now is the time for you to seize the opportunity and get those sweet, high authority backlinks that will launch you on Google’s first page higher than anything else.
Get these awesome links before your competition and don’t regret it later!
Your sites’ steady rankings on Google depend a lot on high authority blogs backlink. They’re simply mandatory!
It doesn’t matter if you’re creating a new site or just rebranding an older one, they are its constant companion on the path to the first slots on the search engines. And the best thing is that they come with a fresh so-called link juice from places you weren’t familiar with. The backlinks exist so that they liven up your site by diversifying the platforms, IP, anchor as well as giving you success and such.

Quality, Fresh, Lasting
The great search engines among which is Google recognize and rewards sites that have natural and quality links from influential domains that already have respect and authority in their industry. That’s the best way to appear among the first on the search pages.
And we are providing such backlinks that are essential for your high ranking.
In fact, our list of domains is thoroughly and carefully selected. Each domain poses trust 26.88+ on average. There’s no spamming on these domains and their history and linking ability is clear.

Feature Overview

Our domains collection is filtered for any spam using many different methods. So, you can be absolutely sure that there won’t be spam.
The metrics on average show DA20-41, TF 40+, CF 45+, RD 40+. Mind that the numbers are just average metrics. In some cases, they can go very, very high.
The list of sites is constantly updated. Usually, we enrich the list with additional 40 sites every month. For you, this equals monthly new blog posts on various domains.
We are very careful to provide the network’s costly yet proven hosting, so that you get A/B/C quality IPs.
Your orders are all sent to you in about fourteen working days.
The sites’ design and interface are fantastic thanks to our expert team that takes care of every tiny detail like headings, plugins, popups, visuals, and such. They didn’t say that the devil is in the details for nothing, right?
Each blog post is posted by hand. We make sure that they all consist of quality and friendly content accompanied by appropriate imagery and other visuals as well as plugins. And all of that is done by no other than a professional from our team.
You can totally forget the spun content with us. All of the blog posts and content are unique, written using the right grammar, punctuation and all other writing rules. They feel natural and very conversational and range from 500 words to 3000 words.
Naturally, we don’t accept tracking of backlinks for the simple reason that we are very secretive with our network and we don’t want to see it somehow meddled with. However, the links on your sites can be visible through WMT.
Each and every site is connected with a profile on the social media platforms that’s actively used. It is precisely because all sites are unique that we experienced a low de-index rate the previous year.
You provide your own URLs as well as keywords you like to see used when you’re directed to the internal dashboard after ordering. Through there, you can totally contact us and even order again from us.

Assassin’s Brand New Features
? Selecting domains using fresh, original metrics
TF is no longer the central type of metrics we use thanks to the recent update coming from Majestic that made a lot of webpages fall index-wise. Now we discovered three brand new metrics that our team uses to filter domains. Actually, these three metrics are the ones that enable us to have some of the most amazing domains.
? Premium indexed links
Every link must be properly indexed. Full stop. That’s why our exclusive premium social media marketing tools for indexing links is one of SEOAssassin’s essential new features that does the work really, really fast. With this premium software, we can index around twenty links for no more than fifteen minutes on average.
? Eye catching content and web design just for you
Even though we have our own core network, we didn’t stop there. All blogs designed by various premium framework and banner & logo, each article written by our personal USA team. Each article written charge $5 to $25 for our blogs and some infographics content that always Google love.

Our top pick Assassin feature

Its something no high authority blog backlinks service provider offers

Assassin Blog tests
The link testing coming with Assassin is something we’re very proud of. More precisely, the process doesn’t stop with the completion of a blog. It undergoes another testing process which should prove whether the links give out the juice to the sites as they’re supposed to.
In a nutshell, it goes something like this:
When a site is done with the indexing, it’s time for the test to start. It usually begins with a random website that’s referred to as a testing website.
We use SEMRush and connect it to the testing website so that we can find out the keywords it ranks for.
Now we search keywords that rank on the second or third page with absolutely no anchor links. We check again with Majestic.
At this point we’re using a testing site together with keyword ranks on the second and third page with no links whatsoever. Theoretically speaking, a blog link should stir things up a little and make the keyword climb higher.
From seven to ten days later, if the keyword indeed has climbed up a few spots, that’s a proof to us that the Blog is alive and works properly. It becomes a new contribution to the ever-growing list.
In a scenario where the keyword hasn’t climbed up during the seven-to-ten-days period, we get rid of the site.

Finally, we have a portfolio full of established websites that we know work successfully. The websites that deserved their place become a new addition to Assassin Brand.

To our knowledge, there isn’t another Blogs service on the market that offers a feature similar to this. Simply put, by testing the Blogs, we demonstrate and witness whether they pass on link juice. Only the sites that do this have an entrance to our network.
You can totally be relaxed when purchasing, because each site has gone through a series of tests and works perfectly.

Do I pay once for the services?
In fact, we charge a subscription every month for the services we offer. According to us, in order to rank high you need more than one month. In order to have results, a subscription of at least three months is advised. The subscription includes new and original content monthly. We will still incorporate the same keywords and work on the same URL every month until you say otherwise. But if you are satisfied with purchasing the links once, you are definitely allowed to stop the subscription from your account after ordering.

How much should I wait for the completion of my order?
Usually, it takes fourteen working days, but your order can be completed even quicker if there aren’t many people waiting for an order as well. What’s more, you can opt for the ‘no drip’ function, which means that we’ll publish the content once we receive it.

Are you working with foreign language keywords, too?
Absolutely, yes. Our Brand is optimized for keywords in foreign languages.

How many outbound links will the sites have?
The maximum quantity of outbound links ranges from 6 to fifteen homepage links.

Are there sites which are forbidden?
No, we don't accept porn, gambling and game niche articles. If you want to make sure your site isn’t on the forbidden list, you can contact us and we’ll check again.

How will I be notified of any possible results if I decide to use the BRAND function?
You can easily see the results that come from the main keywords. However, it’s different with the BRAND option. You can check out the guide at this link: It will familiarize you with the possibilities of how you can see the BRAND function’s results.

Can I receive reports?
Yes, you will get full reports after complete order.

Can I check sample?
Sure, ask me sample before order, because of the order not refundable after place order.

What about a bulk discount?
Yes, of course. You should just get in touch with us and we’ll give you amazing bulk discounts.

What is the number of URLs as well as keywords which you can supply?
We offer one URL and no more than five keywords.

What is the duration of my posts’ homepage stay?
They will be featured there thirty days minimum.

What do you mean by premium VIP links more precisely?
Actually, these links are found on websites that are well-designed. That is why they have higher prices. We totally encourage you to pick them if you’re up for niches and keywords that are competitive.

How can I change my keywords or URL for a specific month?
You can do that by contacting us PRIOR to your renewal. We’ll then edit your details and your posts will have the new keywords or URL in the next month/months.

What is the indication that I receive new posts each month?
An email will be sent to you each month the moment your posts are published. A cancelation of your subscription, though, will result in the termination of this service.

Would I have permanent links if I subscribe for only one month?
It’s completely okay if you subscribe to SEOAssassin only for one month. Your posts will remain uploaded permanently.

Do I get a guarantee of success or return of the money?
Please pay very close attention to this part.

Assassin Blogs doesn’t offer any guarantees or refunds. Links are the only thing you can get here. Promises and guarantees that you’ll rank on a specific spot or get a refund in case of failure are not sold. If someone else provides these is completely delusional. This is because SEO is something that is constantly changing and developing, making guarantees an impossible thing to give. Therefore, you should look on SEO like an investment. Although we really wish that you have success, you should understand that in some cases things don’t come out as we like them to. However, we can completely assure you that we offer influential and strong keywords, so if they’re implemented in the right way, they will give you a positive outcome. Only mind that we won’t tolerate if you contact us to express your irritation of your low ranking. We’re very sorry for how harsh this may appear, but we intend to cooperate with people who truly know the ways SEO operates.

We repeat again that we don’t give any refunds and guarantees.
We may think about a refund only in case you request one during the first 6 hours after you’ve made the order.

If you order Assassin Blogs Backlink, you automatically accept our terms and conditions, stated earlier.
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