Place Ad Banners on our Blog Blog


Place Ad Banners on our Blog Blog
I will post your banner on the upper part of our Blog

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How does it work?
-place order
-send me the banner
-i'll post your banner
i'll give you the link again
-we'll keep it for a week

Why to purchase this service?
-promotional way
-more exposure at a lower cost
-more eBooks & Books already targeted visitors & more fans
-increase no. of sales
-increased web traffic at a lower cost

Do you have visitor ,really ?
-yes we do
-we have more sales on Banner ads-means more ads= more paid web traffic
-personal web traffic
-more WWW leads
returning visitors
-Higher conversion rate
-10000 +/month visitors -depends on sales - could be higher

What to do next?
-place order
-send clear details

Can i get a Bonus for my second order?
Can i promote this service & how much i could earn?
-up to 50%/sale -payment collected and made by SEOclerks Guaranteed
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