i do data entry/data mining and web research


i do data entry/data mining and web research
I would like to offer my services in line with data entry and web research as follow:

  1. Researching about companies and finding relevant information.
  2. Data entry using applications/software.
  3. Data entry for E-commerce websites.
  4. Word processing.
  5. Cleaning-up Excel Spreadsheet (merged cells, separate, and reconciling of data entries)
  6. Administrative support
  7. Research on social media such Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+
  8. Conversion of files from-to different formats
  9. Other tasks related to online research and data entry.
A graduate of computer science, I have strong knowledge on computers. I am very proficient on MS Office suite (MS Word, Excel, Outlook,
PowerPoint & etc), email, internet savvy,
and a good background on database management and standard documentation.

My typing speed is great and I have excellent internet connection.
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