500+ HIGH QUALITY non drop You tube likes


500+  HIGH QUALITY non drop You tube likes
hello, buyer!

today I am offering a great service. 500+ high-quality youtube likes for the low low price of only $1! WOW! what a fantastic deal!

in order to get this fantastic offer, do the following:

step 1) order from me
step 2) give me the video link
step 3)
step 4) PROFIT!

what are you waiting for? ORDER NOW!

all youtube likes come from unique ips and profiles all over the world.

? AdSense Safe.
? No password/admin access needed.
? I only need a link to your YouTube Video.
? I always over deliver.
?Guaranteed nondrop!
? Split Available!

**I will ignore any messages that ask questions already answered**

How long will the likes take to appear on my video?

orders take anywhere from 24 hours to 3 days.

When are you online and able to start my order?
I log in almost every hour to check to see if I have any orders.

Will the likes stay on my video forever?
Short answer: Yes.

Can I split the likes on multiple videos?
Yes, you can! I can split up to 5 different videos.

Can you Drip-feed the likes?
Not at this time, maybe I will do it in the future.

How many likes can you deliver?
I don't have a "max amount" per say. Don't worry about the amount. Just know I will always deliver.

My video is unlisted/private, can you still work on my order?
As long as the video is either "Unlisted" or "Public", I can work on your order. I will ask for a mutual cancellation on Private videos.

I want to order X amount of likes. How much will that cost?
500 likes = $1.
1,000 likes = $2.
1,500 likes = $3.

Why did you suspend the service? Will you ever return?

I get asked this a lot . Don't worry, I always return. I listed a few examples of why I Suspend my services:

- I have too much on my plate (juggling this and real life can be a pain sometimes..)

- I get too many orders at once and I feel the need to suspend the services to finish the orders I currently have on time.

When I do suspend my services, they usually come back within 24 hours.

As long as my services are available, order away. I will suspend them when I feel the need to.

I want to cancel because "X" or "Y"
If I have already started working on your order (basically when I reply to you after you order from me) I sadly cannot agree to a cancel.
Buy this service in two easy steps Order Now $1

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500+  HIGH QUALITY non drop You tube likes

500+ HIGH QUALITY non drop You tube likes for $1

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