Backlinks and embeds Youtube Video -ranking


Backlinks and embeds Youtube Video -ranking
We will Backlink and embed your Youtube video with:

T1 web 2.0 embeds and Social shares, likes and tweets.

T2 Web 2.0, and may contain web 2.0 profiles,bookmarks and social shares.
T3 same as above, amounts vary

260+ Embeds across all 3 tiers

*Social shares will not be included in link report for security purposes .

-10 day drip indexer service
-Created 60 youtube varation URLs to be submitted to.
-Iframe SEO will be used.
-Link report provided
-Usually in your niche- we try to match up network as close to your niche as possible but no guarantees.
This can be for a map also

Articles supplied or you can (700 word min. or we will add to a blurp of your own)

We drip out these links across a 4-9 day period
Ask if you have any questions

-450 embeds only $4 more.
- 500 embeds drip across 6-15 days $5 extra
-Secret squirrel YT SEO - Cannot tell you what this is as then everyone would be doing it,this is a dofollow link on a well know social site that includes some strong Google love too. It takes awhile for this to kickin but really helps in making your video stick in rankings. (what this is, is NOT included in link it is a secret) $4 more.

-G Cloud embed - Google Cloud (DA 78) pull video from G cloud and then embed on 200 web2. $5

-Amazon S3 embed
Amz S3 is DA 87, same as above w/200 embeds.

- Amz S3 and Gcloud together $8

No translations ENGLISH ONLY

NO DRUGS, PORN(this includes animals having sex),HEADSHOPS,GAMBLING,ect or anything that I find offensive if your not sure what this means ask before you buy to prevent your order from being canceled

-not all links will stay but we run extras for this

Finally ...
This is a service for backlinks and embeds, NOT guaranteed RANKINGS or magic. If you choose the wrong title, keywords, tags ,ect No amount of backlinks/embeds will help that video rank. Please be realistic, its not magic
Buy this service in two easy steps Order Now $6

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